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A graduate from LSR, Delhi  University with a certificate of leadership and management  from ISB, Hyderabad, and diplomas in various Asian Massage Therapies  from Thailand and Indonesia, Ahoi's experience ranges from customer relations, training and  business consultancy to an entrepreneur. She is also a recipient of the prestigious Rashtriya Swayamsiddh  Samman from the Jindal Group for her contribution to the  society.​​

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Oriental Senses offers a complete list of services to help hotel operators offer an enhanced spa experience to their guests. Oriental Senses specializes in spa concepts and ideas that will make your guests remember all the details of your luxurious spa treatments.

A Sainik School alumni and a graduate from Kirorimal  College, Delhi University, Raja has over 17 years of experience in the service industry  ranging from Airlines, ITES to banks. His last assignment was with the Royal Bank of Scotland as  a Senior Corporate Trainer.​

Our spas are located at some of the premium heritage and boutique hotels in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

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